Tesla remains the most valuable automotive brand.

Tesla remains the most valuable automotive brand.
08 June, 2022

The rating of the largest companies by capitalization has been published. The market value has been calculated from the number of shares multiplied by their current price. Among the automakers, Tesla topped the list with a capitalization of $728.8 billion. The second place went to Toyota ($228.9 billion), and the third line was taken by the Chinese BYD ($128.8 billion), which managed to overtake the German concern Volkswagen ($117.6 billion).

Notably, BYD announced that it was phasing out the production of non-electrified vehicles, and now it is focusing entirely on the development of a line of hybrids and electric vehicles. At the same time, BYD is a quite unique company that operates almost completely autonomously from suppliers. Its facilities make both batteries and microelectronics, a shortage of which continues to hurt global automakers dependent on supplies. BYD's core business is in China, and it also sells cars in Norway and several countries in South America.

In addition to the companies above, the top ten included Mercedes-Benz ($77.92 billion), BMW ($58.74 billion), General Motors ($55.95 billion), Ford ($54.25 billion), Stellantis (46. $83 billion) and Honda ($43.77 billion). Note that in the top twenty there was a place for five Chinese automakers. In terms of profitability, the leaders are Volkswagen, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz.

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